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Highly intricate yet easily replicable designs that replaces the traditional reductive sculpting and carving techniques to achieve great levels of sophistication in your designs.

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CNC wood cutting service in Singapore is a surgical precision cutting, drilling and routing achieved by our machines used in tandem with high accuracy computer aided design programs to transform a blank canvas into your design. This entails that the designs will not be manually cut, instead, the CNC machine will automatically cut the design based on the computer imaging, avoiding inaccuracy and other errors. Moreover, CNC wood cutting service also helps to speed up the process. As CNC machines can cut wood faster and more precisely, the projects are often finished in a shorter time than in manual woodwork.

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Laser cutting service in Singapore is a non-contact, clean, high speed, accurate and intricate cuts and engraving that do not scratch or deform the material unlike conventional mechanical cutting methods aided in precision by Computer Aided Design programs. Laser cutting service can be used in various materials including wood, metal and acrylic, making it more versatile than other methods. It is also very precise and can give you the output that is completely identical to the computer imaging. Laser cutting can also make the work faster and is very recommended for clients who need rush orders but are looking forward to accurate output.

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The Difference Between CNC and Laser Cut

CNC wood cutting service and laser cutting service are common applications for manufacturing precision parts and components. Because each application performs comparable activities, the distinction between a CNC machine and a laser cutter might be confusing. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery used in precision engineering controls each tool. Both are utilized in fabrication processes across a wide range of industries. Each one improves cutting part efficiency, performance, capability, and waste reduction. Nonetheless, there are distinctions between CNC and laser cut. For manufacturers, each application has its own set of features, perks, and advantages. There are certain distinctions to consider when deciding which process is ideal for a given application.

CNC Wood Cutting
CNC cutters are a contact-based cutting method comparable to handheld routers in concept, but with the added benefit of automated CNC cutting's versatility and flexibility. A CNC machine is capable of quickly and precisely cutting or engraving materials. CNC cutting service can cut materials including plastic, polyurethane, wood, composite panels, acrylic, and aluminum, steel and other metal plates to specifications, just as laser cutters.

The computer controls the exact velocity and positioning—back and forth or side-to-side on axes to specification—as designs programmed into the CNC machine signal the cutter to cut or carve material with precision. In fabrication processes, speed, efficiency, and ease of use come together to boost production and improve product quality.

Laser Cutting
A concentrated, high-powered laser beam is used to cut unique shapes and designs from stock material in a non-contact, thermal-based process. There is also no need for custom-designed tooling. Precision laser cutting service relies on the use of heat. A high-energy beam burns through the material rather than cutting it.

Metal, glass, polyurethane foam, gemstones, timber, and paper or corrugation are all possible materials for the fabrication process. Multiple procedures can be carried out using a single laser cutting equipment.

Because laser cut makes use of CNC machining, it can generate more complicated forms and shapes than traditional drills, as well as more intricate items with tight tolerances and clean finishes. Indeed, the high-quality cuts generate such smooth-edged finishes that no additional cleaning, treating, or finishing is required.

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