CNC Wood Cutting Services in Singapore

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A seamless, one-stop and worry-free backend support to bring your customized imaginations to reality. Cutlab is an expert when it comes to providing CNC cutting service in Singapore. We help homeowners, interior designers and venue or exhibit designers in crafting intricate details for home and workplace decorations as well as backdrops, installation arts and more.


CUTLAB is an emerging CNC cutting service company backed with more than a decade's worth of industry experience collaborating with various industries, not limited to construction, architectural and spatial planning, interior design and acoustics. We deliver cost effective CNC machining to help designers in producing accurately detailed woodwork and metalwork.

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Cutlab has been providing raw material fabrications to make your design and construction project more efficient. We specialize in CNC machining services, engraving and laser cutting services, creating intricate and clean cuts with excellent quality out of your blueprint. Let your designs and logos come to life with our team of experts.

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customized wood cutting singapore

Customized Cutting

CUTLAB provides custom and unique cutting services for your designs so that you can sit back and watch your designs come to life.

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Unparalleled Precision

Tapping into the high precision of machines, we can bring to fruition designs that are impossible to be replicated by human hands. The machine and your imagination are now the artisans.

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Knowledgable Experts

Our CUTLAB fabrication specialists are able to provide a one-stop solution and assist you with all that you need.

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