We’re a multi-disciplinary design team who helps execute and bring to fruition our client’s design.

CUTLAB is an emerging company backed with more than a decade’s worth of industry experience collaborating with various industries , not limited to construction , architectural and spatial planning , interior design and acoustics.

Our output is constantly shifting and diversifiying , evolving with the technological advancements to further push and support the possibiliites of enabling digital fabrication in Singapore. Equipped with not only an industrial scaled fabrication space , CUTLAB also employs a multi-disciplinary design team to help execute and bring to fruition our client’s design.

We source for the best materials and proudly do our manufacturing process locally. Incorporating the extensive expertise of our staff and the high precision and flexibility of our machines , we are able to work with a wide range of materials from the more traditional timber and metal to specialized materials such as marble and stones .

Our services extends beyond residential projects to large scale commercial projects. We highly pride ourselves to be able to fulfil our client’s customized designs and maintaining the strictest rigour and standards in quality and service. CUTLAB’s promise is in providing a seamless , one-stop and worry-free backend support to bring your customized imaginations to reality.

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